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So you are looking for a dedicated Shopware developer?

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Andreas Behr - CTO of DesertCoderz
Andreas Behr - CTO / DesertCoderz

Let’s keep it short and quick. Drop me a message and schedule a short 15 minutes call with me to figure out if we come together.

I’m Andreas and here is my direct contact: Email, WhatsApp & Telegram

For you, our clients, I wrote some articles you might be interested in.

I try to cover different topics to enable you to take the best decision for your business.

I believe a business relationship must be honest and prolific for all parties involved. 

The process of building a cash cow is not a one way road, and knowledge exchange is valuable.

So feel free to get in touch with me!

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Shopware vs. Prestashop, who is better?

When comparing Shopware and PrestaShop, it’s important to understand that both platforms offer unique features and cater to different needs. Here’s a comparison based on various factors:

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Shopware vs. Magento, who is better?

When comparing Shopware and Magento, it’s important to consider various factors as both platforms have their unique strengths and cater to different needs. Here’s a breakdown:

Shopware freelancer vs. agency

So, are about to take a decision between hiring a Freelancer or engaging an Agency to do the development jobs for you. So there are pro’s and con’s for booth options.

Shopware freelancer vs. employee

When you and your business are in that phase already, you should actually know the answer by yourself. But I will give you some more practical insights now.

Shopware Freelancer

We develop individual responsive Shopware frontend themes based on templates or design your custom responsive webshop from scratch. We also optimize your Shopware system to improve performance.